Disposable Eco Lunch Boxes & Mineral filled Eco-friendly Burger Packaging

Jul 2020
Environmentally friendly disposable tableware and packaging.

The main trend of recent years is environmental friendliness, friendliness to the environment. That is why socially responsible business in Ukraine is switching to modern disposable packaging that is easily decomposed or recyclable. This approach speaks of care for the future of their country, the surrounding nature, attention to the needs of the client.
Eco-containers for food will be an ideal replacement for nature-unsafe foamed polystyrene thermoboxes. This material is being phased out all over the world. In the United States, many states have already introduced a ban on the production of packaging and tableware made of polystyrene, and in Europe such products have been banned at the legislative level since 2021. This is due to the fact that most of the products made of this material are not recycled now, and waste is quickly polluting the planet.
Modern eco-friendly food packaging is made of 50% polypropylene. This material is accepted for recycling. The remaining 50% consists of natural, mineral components that decompose. Using such disposable containers for cooking, business takes care of the future of Ukraine, shows real patriotism.
Eco food boxes are suitable for:

takeaway restaurants and cafes;
delivery services;
shops with a culinary department.

Food containers with a lid are convenient for transportation, storage in the refrigerator and heating food in microwave ovens. These are sealed structures that do not leak and retain the taste of the products.
What is the difference between modern food delivery containers?
Today, takeout or delivery of restaurant meals to the office or home have become an integral part of our life. More and more establishments offer this service to their customers. It allows you to save time, enjoy your favorite food in any place and situation. The main task of the restaurant is not only to prepare a signature dish, but also to take care of the safety of products packed in disposable containers.
Benefits of eco lunch boxes:

concern for the environment, because materials are transferred to processing, and also decompose in nature into safe components;
containers protect food from foreign tastes, preserve the taste and temperature of hot dishes, they can be used for meat, fish, burgers, cakes;
ergonomics of products, which is convenient for transport bags of delivery services;
tightness of the structure, the box lid is firmly snapped into place using the Smartlock system, so that sauces and other liquids will not leak out during transportation;
they can heat food, eco containers with an inseparable lid can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees;
modern type of packaging.

By choosing environmentally friendly food packaging, the company is choosing the path of a socially responsible company that cares about its customers, is friendly to the environment and the future of the country. Eco containers for food delivery are a modern and right step forward for Ukrainian business.
Disposable food utensils should be not only convenient, but also safe for health and nature. Being environmentally friendly is the task of modern business in Ukraine. It is already possible to follow the path of the European Union and the United States by choosing the right packaging for food delivery.